Commit 55a0f9d2 authored by Thomas Bella's avatar Thomas Bella

Add EMail configuration

parent d0cb806c
if (!defined("BASEURL")) {
// set constants which should exist
// Set email to false if constants are not found
if (!defined("EMAIL")) {
define("EMAIL", false);
......@@ -8,3 +8,25 @@ define("BASEURL", "");
// Should domains be clickable (link to target, nofollow, only HTTPS, default: true)
define("DOMAINLINK", true);
// Enable email sending
define("EMAIL", false);
// Use SMTP instead of local sendmail
define("EMAIL_SMTP", true);
// SMTP Server to use. Can be multiple server separated with ";"
define("EMAIL_HOST", "");
// Use encrypted connection. Can be false, "ssl" or "tls"
define("EMAIL_ENCRYPT", "tls");
// Port to use, 25 is unencrypted, 465 ssl and 587 tls
define("EMAIL_PORT", 587);
// Enable or disable SMTP authentication
define("EMAIL_SMTPAUTH", true);
// SMTP username for login
define("EMAIL_USERNAME", "");
// SMTP password for login
define("EMAIL_PASSWORD", "secret");
// Sender e-mail address to use. Default is EMAIL_USERNAME
// default recipient. can be one or multible addresses like; separated with ";"
define("EMAIL_TARGET", "");
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